The end of the year marks the time, when we take a look back at the memorable moments that make each year unique and think about what lays in store ahead. With the festivities reaching their peak, Splice would also like to review the important milestones that made 2016 a very special year.

Even though the passing year is not considered the best by many, it definitely rocked for science. We made tremendous advances in developing treatments for diseases long regarded as not curable, including cancer, Alzheimer´s disease, AIDS, stroke, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, paralysis and even growing old.

All of these breakthroughs would not have been possible, was it not for researchers working hard to develop cutting-edge methodologies and techniques for advancing science. The most prominent examples include developments in the CRISPR gene editing tool, synthetic biology and even, wait for it, drug delivery with freaking nanorobots! How cool is that?

In retrospect, science advanced so rapidly this past year that it even made it difficult to keep up at times. That is why we worked hard to provide the most relevant scientific topics to our readers every week. The articles you enjoyed reading most are listed below:

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To wrap it up, we would like to sincerely thank our dear readers for your endless curiosity, support, and passion for science – the things that keep Splice beating and going strong.

We wish you a creative, successful and action-packed 2017!

Splice Team