The pace of progress in science in recent years is remarkable. Mostly, due to the fact that processes which took weeks to complete can now be done in minutes. Therefore, the past year was definitely fruitful for science. Scientists cooperated and even some global scale projects saw the light of day. Splice would like to review the important highlights that made 2017 special.

Today more than ever, rapidly developing new methodologies and techniques are responsible for numerous breakthroughs in all fields of science. CRISPR is still a star among gene editing tools, but synthetic biology, tissue engineering, and nanorobotics are not far behind. We also published quite a few articles on progress in protein engineering. We were honestly impressed with disease smelling machines and some Sci-Fi biotech that is just around the corner.

As a result of technological progress, tremendous advances were made in developing treatments for different diseases, including cancerfluAIDStype 2 diabetes, Ebola and many others.

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The articles you enjoyed reading most in 2017 are listed below:

  1. Why Some People Reject Science and How to Approach Them
  2. Meet Mesentery – A Newly Discovered Human Organ
  3. A New Bacteria-Seeking CRISPR Pill Could Replace Antibiotics

So what is waiting for us in 2018? We predict that 3D printing technology could be a new star in 2018. This year we saw 3D printing of living tattoos and organs to newest 3D printed ceramic implant that holds fractured bones together while turning into natural bone. We can only expect more exciting news from this field next year.

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We wish you a creative and prosperous 2018!

Splice Team