The future of molecular diagnostics is looking particularly bright as international teams of researchers and entrepreneurs make profound headway in the development of disease-sensing instruments. Read more

Zika virus has rapidly expanded during the last year in Brazil and currently the outbreaks are occurring in several countries and territories. While following preventive measures is extremely important to limit the spread, finding a reliable field diagnostic test is equally important. And it looks like we got one! Read more

Extraction of DNA before its amplification is an essential step for the measurement of any DNA target. It releases the DNA and removes substances inhibitory to PCR that are initially present in the matrix.  Read more

A leader in genetic sequencing is betting that it can detect cancer at its earliest stages on the basis of minuscule amounts of genetic material circulating in a person’s bloodstream. But specialists warn that there are many technical hurdles to such an application. Read more

Pigeons are many things to many people – navigators, couriers, rats with wings – but the word “doctors” rarely comes to mind. Read more

Researchers from Seoul National University have developed a so called “bioelectronic nose” which works like a human nose and can detect bacteria in water.

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Testing for more than 1000 different strains of viruses in a single, multiplex reaction by using less than a drop of blood!

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Elsevier’s Biomolecular Detection and Quantification (BDQ) journal is a new open access, peer-reviewed international journal focused on the application of qualitative and quantitative molecular methodologies to all areas of clinical and life sciences.

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