Every living being on Earth is a part of a giant network where different species depend on each other for survival. This natural system is very complex and built of many different networks where different species interact with each other. And since the number of species is enormous and the number of possible interactions even bigger, it is very difficult to predict how the system will adapt to future alterations. Without this information, the whole system can collapse and species become extinct.

In our Splice Summer Edition, we are featuring the video “Network Earth” published by Nature Video, which explains an analytical framework that could describe and analyze different networks, such as ecological networks, power grids and gene regulatory networks. The analytical framework was developed by Jianxi Gao and colleagues. This framework may help us understand the vulnerability of many additional natural and man-made systems. Enjoy!


By Blazka Orel, MSc, BioSistemika LLC


Research paper published in Nature: Universal resilience patterns in complex networks