blue light

Researchers from The University of Toledo have found the chemical reason behind why blue light damages our eyes over time, contributes to macular degeneration, and can even cause blindness. Since we’re spending more time in front of screens than ever before, this finding might be a big step forward toward preventing eyesight deterioration.
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Slowing, stopping, or even reversing aging has always been an ongoing topic in science. Now, scientists used the synthetic compound resveratrol, found naturally in chocolate and other consumables, to turn back the biological clock in senescent cells, causing them to start dividing again. Read more

European researchers demonstrated that a low dose of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main active substance of cannabis, profoundly reduced age-related cognitive impairment in mice. The drug increased behavioural performance and rejuvenated the elderly brain, closely resembling that of young, untreated animals. Read more

Researchers claim they have debunked a long-standing misconception of the mathematical model of human mortality that predicts a set limit on aging. Their discovery comes as good news in a time of increasing breakthroughs in anti-aging therapy. Read more

Genetically reprogrammed cells that prolong the life of mice

Scientists developed a novel approach for genetically reprogramming cells that prolonged the life of mice by 30%, without causing them to develop tumors for the first time. Could this achievement mark another milestone on our path of ultimately reversing the process of ageing? Read more

Who never entertained the thought of eternal life, right? While we´re not quite there yet, increasing evidence is pointing to a rigorous dietary regimen called calorie restriction, which could possibly prolong our live spans by half. Read more

It has long been said that “best things come in small packages” and recent scientific findings show a great example of that. People that suffer from an incredibly rare form of dwarfism called Laron syndrome seem to be completely immune to cancer, diabetes and other illnesses. Read more

How old are you? Are you sure that’s what your body thinks?

Rejuvenation. Health and quality of life it provides. Major things we all strive for this way or the other. How do we know how old our body actually is? Does our biological age actually correlate with our chronological age? Read more