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Perhaps one of the most interesting parts of an organism to study is its brain, as it can be thought to be at the core of identity. The brain allows for complex functions such as memory and associations to exist. Evolutionarily, this has allowed for social interactions to form the basis of groups and eventually allow for large numbers of individuals to live together in communities. Read more


Researchers from Indiana University (IU) have made the first direct visual observation of bacteria taking up foreign DNA from its surrounding. It is a key step in their process of rapidly evolving new traits, including troublesome drug resistance. The new methods developed by the researchers provided them with the ability to catch this mechanism on film. Read more

Isn´t the sensation of being tickled just the most bizarre? As silly as it might seem, there is apparently a whole evolutionary war being waged in the process of tickling, according to studies.

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One of the particularly interesting chemical properties that are giving us some insight into our organic world is chirality. Chirality is a geometric property of most biochemical molecules that makes them different than their mirror images, just like our left and right hand are. Read more