The future of molecular diagnostics is looking particularly bright as international teams of researchers and entrepreneurs make profound headway in the development of disease-sensing instruments. Read more

A new clinical study showed that cannabidiol, a common compound found in cannabis, could help reduce seizures in epilepsy patients by more than 40 percent. The 14 weeks treatment proved very beneficial both in adults and children suffering from severe epilepsy known as LGS. Read more

Everything we touch and consume leaves traces on our skin and in our body. The food we eat, people and materials we interact with and even the cosmetics we use, all contribute to the properties of our bioflora. Read more

Ever wondered why we sometimes feel an unusually strong attraction towards certain members of the opposite sex? It turns out the butterflies in our stomachs could actually be caused by differences in our genetic make-up. Read more

The discovery of the structure of DNA is known as one of the greatest discoveries in human history. It changed our perspective on human life forever, nevertheless one part of this magnificent story was left untold. Read more

Meet Dr. Pierre Blonski, Head of the Blood Analytical Platform at Ketterthill Labs, which is the biggest private laboratory in Luxemborough and handles over 6000 blood samples per day.

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A leader in genetic sequencing is betting that it can detect cancer at its earliest stages on the basis of minuscule amounts of genetic material circulating in a person’s bloodstream. But specialists warn that there are many technical hurdles to such an application. Read more

Has it happened to you that you’ve met a handsome person, but something just didn’t click? Was there a person that had something that you simply couldn’t resist? Sometimes we call this chemistry, but does it really have anything to do with chemicals? Science says yes!

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Testing for more than 1000 different strains of viruses in a single, multiplex reaction by using less than a drop of blood!

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