Microbes have been present on planet Earth longer than us, humans, and they become our life companions from the moment we are born. They are building, protecting and feeding our bodies. There are many other microorganisms helping us preserving our well-being. One of our microbial symbiotes are the gut microbes, which play a central role in human health by mediating our intestinal microflora.

Some of them can also harm us, like Streptococcus mutans, which is a bacteria found in our oral cavity and is responsible for the tooth decay. Basically, microbes can be our friends or enemies.

Take a look at our Splice Summer Edition, in which we are featuring a video “The Invisible Creatures That Keep You Alive!” where Joe Hanson introduces the microbial symbiotes that are contributing to our good health. Enjoy!


Blazka Orel, MSc, BioSistemika LLC