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Biggest Myths About Food and Cancer

The Internet has an abundance of articles and posts about cancer. People want to educate themselves more about the harms and threats that simple everyday things may bring, that can potentially cause cancer.


Cancer-Fighting Cure Could Hide in the Last Pill You Would Think Of

The class of drugs currently prescribed to treat male erectile dysfunction has the potential to be repurposed for use in cancer treatment. Cancer specialists would like to prescribe existing medications like Viagra and Cialis since they are affordable and approved for use, thus save significant research money otherwise spent on expensive drug discovery.


Exposure to Artificial Light Linked to Cancer

Night shift work has been consistently associated with higher risk for cardiovascular disease, cancer, insomnia, depression and irritable bowel syndrome. Exposure to light at night is not only leaving scars on people’s well being but is affecting wildlife and entire ecosystems, it wastes energy, money and gives astronomers headaches.


Science Paving Way for Cancer Screening Breath Tests

British scientists developed a revolutionary method for screening cancer using breath-analyzing technology. In a preliminary study involving more than 300 patients the instrument was capable of diagnosing those with esophageal and stomach cancer with 85% accuracy.