USDA approved the sale of genetically modified (GM) apples that “stay fresh” up to three weeks after being sliced or bruised, which are expected to enter stores by March. This comes as an answer addressing the major problem of wasting apples, with nearly 40% of them being discarded due to superficial bruising and browning. Read more

Resarchers discovered a direct link between high-fat diets and the onset of metastasis in human cancers. Their findings raise concern considering today´s unhealthy lifestyles, but may in fact lead to significant improvements in cancer therapy and prevention. Read more

We´re witnessing the biggest obesity epidemic ever recorded in history. The occurrence of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other chronic conditions is increasing at an alarming rate, and experts are unanimously pointing fingers at our calorie-rich diets. Is it finally time to consider putting a tax on sugar? Read more

Who never entertained the thought of eternal life, right? While we´re not quite there yet, increasing evidence is pointing to a rigorous dietary regimen called calorie restriction, which could possibly prolong our live spans by half. Read more

A growing global epidemic of obesity and its related health complications such as type 2 diabetes is the reason why scientists are focusing on finding genes that increase the risk of developing obesity in the last decade. A breakthrough was finally made with discovery of the gene for ‘leanness’. Read more

Metabolic studies investigating the mechanics of cancer cell proliferation have been critical to understanding resource allocation driving tumorigenesis. Generally, proliferating cells eschew efficient energy production in favour of metabolic pathways that generate the essential macromolecular building blocks necessary to grow in size and number, classically termed the Warburg effect. Read more

When the art of selecting, preparing, serving and enjoying good food becomes the science of doing so.

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Many researchers like coffee for the caffeine-attributed energy boost that awakens their mind in the morning or in the afternoon after several hours of lab work or vigorous brainstorming. Other just crave for its distinctive bitter aroma that they learned to like.

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The formation of holes in cheese has interested scientists for long time.

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