New study reports caffeine significantly boosts an enzyme closely involved in protection against Alzheimer´s disease and other forms of dementia. Out of 1,280 compounds tested only 24 were identified as beneficial, with caffeine at the very top of the list. Read more

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University successfully modified mosquitoes to render them highly resistant to dengue virus – a disease responsible for nearly 25,000 deaths each year. Their breakthrough could lead to even more resistant mosquitoes in the future, potentially ending the war on mosquito-transmitted diseases. Read more

The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed that a new experimental vaccine proved 100% effective against Ebola based on preliminary results. In a large study the organization conducted in Guinea, where Ebola is still at large, not a single vaccinated individual developed the disease. Read more

Researchers at the University of Michigan developed an impressive new way of delivering customized therapeutic cancer vaccines using antigen-carrying nanodiscs. The treatment showed excellent success in mice, drastically decreasing the occurrence of colon and melanoma tumours. Read more

The Zika news in the US and South America

Millions of Zika battling genetically modified (GM) mosquitoes are ready to be released in Florida, US, after the public vote of the November US elections was in favor of starting the test-trial in the area.  Read more

Alzheimer´s disease is the most prevalent form of dementia and represents one of the puzzles in modern medicine. The condition was treated merely symptomatically to date, however a new animal study shows that delivering a specific gene to the brain could be used to treat it systematically. Read more

We´re witnessing the biggest obesity epidemic ever recorded in history. The occurrence of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other chronic conditions is increasing at an alarming rate, and experts are unanimously pointing fingers at our calorie-rich diets. Is it finally time to consider putting a tax on sugar? Read more

Who never entertained the thought of eternal life, right? While we´re not quite there yet, increasing evidence is pointing to a rigorous dietary regimen called calorie restriction, which could possibly prolong our live spans by half. Read more

While bacterial infections usually are a bad thing, they can now be used as a therapy to treat medical conditions, for instance, cancer. Read more

A clinical study conducted at Stanford School of Medicine demonstrated astounding recovery in chronic stroke patients after being treated with modified human stem cells. Several patients demonstrated seemingly miraculous regeneration in muscle movement and coordination literally overnight. Read more