Why Should You Stay Healthy?

When life is overtaken by busy events and career goals, sometimes with family on the side as another constant distraction, it can be difficult to find time to plan out healthy meals or keep your body in the condition which, deep down, you know it should (and can) be in. But just eating more healthily will produce amazing results which you will notice within your mind and body.

Mental health becoming more stable and pleasant is one thing you may notice, as well as finding it easier to perform usually strenuous tasks and journeys.

Pills – Super Fad Or Super Bad?

“I would never recommend any sort of diet supplements or slimming pills to anyone, simply because you don’t need them, and many online sellers cannot be trusted to give you a safe ‘wonder product’,” Annie Larson, a lifestyle blogger at Writinity and Researchpapersuk, warns.

“A balanced diet, coupled with some decent amounts of exercise, is all you really need to become healthier. These ‘quick fixes’ will do nothing but put you out of pocket and possibly in danger – at least, nothing will happen, but at the worst you could end up poisoning yourself unintentionally!”

Sticking to healthy, readily available and inexpensive foods is the way to go. Since these diet pills are almost always bad news any sort of supplement should be discussed with your doctor or a dietitian/professional, and not chased on your own due to a phoney internet advertisement.

Skin & Weight

Once you start eating more healthily, you should notice a marked difference in your body, and how it looks. Any excess weight for people worrying about being at an unhealthy weight should be burned off through exercise and a healthy diet in a safe way, which will allow your body to ease into its new form. Also, the antioxidants which are commonly found in fruits and vegetables (common choices for delicious, healthy food) can ward away wrinkles and skin blemishes as you age, and keep your skin positively glowing for as long as possible.

Stable Mood

“If you’ve ever woken up on the ‘wrong side of the bed’, it might not be a coincidence that your diet may also be suffering, and you probably aren’t getting enough exercise to burn off the empty calories from all the processed and fatty foods which are going through your system.” Ruby Glover, a health writer at Draftbeyond and Lastminutewriting, says.

“Working out on a regular basis, as well as having a healthy diet, not only makes you feel better because you’ll wake up to a nice, healthy body every morning, but also because exercise releases ‘feel good’ chemicals in your brain, so it’ll make you feel happier even if you end up tired and out of breath!”

Nutrient-Rich Food

Even healthy food contains some calories – it’s the energy-based system which we measure food’s value in, but too many calories leads to excess fat, and too little leads to excessive fatigue and stunted growth. Keeping the balance can be difficult, but making sure that the food you do eat is micronutrient-dense and packed full of good vitamins and minerals, and not just fat and salt, can be an excellent way to make sure that you’re eating as healthily as possible. Kale, for example, is an amazing food to eat, since it is filled with minerals, fiber, vitamins, various bio active compounds and many antioxidants. It is available in many shops and supermarkets, due to its growing popularity.

Alternatives To Common ‘Superfoods’

If you just can’t get your head around the latest crazes in ‘superfoods’, from Quinoa to Goji berries, then that’s okay. There’s actually a lot of alternatives, which, many consumers report, are tastier and easier to find in regular stores. Chickpeas are an easy switch for Quinoa, which may already be in the back of your cupboard. They can be picked up at many chain supermarkets, in the canned food aisles, and provide similar health benefits to Quinoa. Or, if you can’t stomach the bitter Asian Goji berries, then try some more familiar fresh or frozen cranberries, blueberries, raspberries and other berries. They have similar health benefits due to the presence of the antioxidants which Goji berries are famous for, and they taste really good as well!

Faith Howarth is a blogger and copywriter at Luckyassignments and Gumessays. She writes on healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle sharing her knowledge and experience in this area.