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DNA qPCR quantification

qPCR Data Analysis Made Easy

Despite the advancement of new molecular biology techniques like ddPCR or  RNAseq, quantitative PCR (qPCR) is still a golden standard for the quantification of nucleic acids, with applications in diagnostics and research. The method is based…

Relative Quantification Data Presentation

How to present the ratio data?In gene expression analyses qPCR is most commonly used for relative quantification, meaning that we are comparing one sample to another, treatment to control, one time point to another etc. After we calculate the…

DNA Contamination of PCR Reagents – a Great Risk for False Positive Signals

Which are the most probable reasons for a false positive result and how to address the issue? If you are using highly conserved 16S rRNA genes (one of the most widely used PCR targets for detection of a broad range of organisms) as a target…

Parametric or Non-Parametric Tests for qPCR Data?

Researchers often wonder which statistical tests they should use with their qPCR data. Most frequently these questions arise when analysing gene expression data. There are broad groups of statistical tests, parametric and non-parametric.…