Canadian researchers discovered that components of maple syrup may boost the antimicrobial effects of antibiotics by as much as 90% when used in combination. This synergy could provide an effective solution for the alarming threat of multi-drug resistant bacteria. Read more

US scientists discovered a surprising hidden function of mammalian lungs – they help produce blood. Their study on mice showed that more than half of all platelets in mice are produced by the lungs, a process long attributed to bone marrow.

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The heated legal war over the ownership of the revolutionary CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing technology has finally reached a verdict. The US Patent and Trademark Office (UPTO) concluded that evidence favored the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard for most patents rather than UC Berkeley, the technology´s initial inventor. Read more

While labs are facing growing amounts of data, solutions are opening up on the global scene to help them cope with it. The change is already here. And it might be better than we expected.

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Extensive observational studies, surveys and meta-analysis moved scientists a step closer to understanding how highly-educated people can still contradict scientific facts. The result is a refined guide to effectively addressing skeptics, and it´s not based on presenting evidence, but rather identifying their underlaying  motivation. Read more

The end of the year marks the time, when we take a look back at the memorable moments that make each year unique and think about what lays in store ahead. With the festivities reaching their peak, Splice would also like to review the important milestones that made 2016 a very special year. Read more

Ever wondered why we stand in unbearable queues just days before Christmas to get our loved ones that thing they always wanted? Unlikely as it may seem, it could be that we are unknowingly doing it to cheer ourselves up as well. Read more

Discovery of the CRISPR gene-editing technology is widely considered the biggest scientific breakthrough since the discovery of PCR. However, less publicized is the intense legal war being fought over who the technology´s rightful owner is, a decision that could drastically influence its future use. Read more

The social phenomenon of procrastination is steadily becoming a topic of increasing discussion in various fields of science. Although approaches for studying it differ greatly, researchers agree it is not doing our society any favors. But might unraveling its mysteries finally help us overcome it? Read more

Isn´t the sensation of being tickled just the most bizarre? As silly as it might seem, there is apparently a whole evolutionary war being waged in the process of tickling, according to studies.

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