Since we live in the digital era, why shouldn’t a popular method like PCR go digital as well? What is digital PCR (dPCR) and how it is different in comparison to PCR and qPCR, has been explained in the webinar “Why go Digital in qPCR”.

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A leader in genetic sequencing is betting that it can detect cancer at its earliest stages on the basis of minuscule amounts of genetic material circulating in a person’s bloodstream. But specialists warn that there are many technical hurdles to such an application. Read more

Advances in gene editing technology have spurred considerable progress towards a treatment for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD).  Although the disease is rare – affecting roughly 1 in 5,000 male births – its consequences are devastating: patients are confined to wheelchairs at an early age and often succumb to heart or respiratory failure in their twenties or thirties. Read more

CRISPR gene editing technology has been called “the biggest biotech discovery of the century”, “the biggest game changer to hit biology since PCR” and even “the Genesis Engine”. Read more

Nowadays, magnetic beads are considered a powerful tool for a variety of research and medical applications. Coupling of magnetic properties with specific ligands in magnetic beads allows the separation and purification of cells, proteins, nucleic acids, and other molecules in a highly efficient and specific manner. Read more

There is a lot of bad publicity around genetic engineering, especially when it comes to the genetic modification of plants and animals. Most opponents of genetic engineering claim that inserting foreign genes into other organism’s genome is unnatural and dangerous. Read more

Has it happened to you that you’ve met a handsome person, but something just didn’t click? Was there a person that had something that you simply couldn’t resist? Sometimes we call this chemistry, but does it really have anything to do with chemicals? Science says yes!

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Cancerous cells are normally detected by biopsy which is an invasive and time consuming procedure. Read more