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Connected Laboratory & the Role of IoT in Science

Science has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. But another field has been trying to overshadow it with constant innovations and growth. This field was conceptualized in 1982 (1) but has since then become a complete reality. This new field has had an impact on almost anything mankind is still doing. Known as […]

The Importance of Better Digital Data Management in Laboratories and The FAIR Future

At the present time of clinical trials, along with complex sampling requirements and increased data output, also demands effective management tools and innovation samples. Luckily, various technological solutions also have been developed to ease multiple laboratory aspects of conducted clinical trials. However, since 80s research production has begun to grow exponentially, marking the research data […]

Quick Changes You’ll Notice After Eating More Healthily

Why Should You Stay Healthy? When life is overtaken by busy events and career goals, sometimes with family on the side as another constant distraction, it can be difficult to find time to plan out healthy meals or keep your body in the condition which, deep down, you know it should (and can) be in. […]

Data Detective Exposes Fraud and Mistakes in Leading Clinical Trials

A small number of diligent people is rooting around scientific records for suspicious data in clinical research. Anaesthetist for England’s National Health Service John Carlisle is one of them. He has spotted numerous problems in a large number of research papers, and his findings have led to hundreds of retracted papers, due to both misconduct […]