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Synthetic Tissues That Build Themselves

Researchers from the University of California have programmed synthetic cells to mobilize nearby natural cells into complex structures. At first, individual cells self-organized into multi-layered structures resembling simple organisms or the tissues from the first stages of embryonic development. The technology could have a bright future in repairing damaged tissue or re-growing injured organs.


Australian Researchers Released the World’s First AI-Developed Vaccine

Researchers at Flinders University have developed a new flu vaccine believed to be the first in the world to be completely designed by artificial intelligence (AI). The technology is expected to be able to create better vaccines for a lower price. These new vaccines could be discovered and tested at a much faster pace than […]


Scientists Are Gene-Hacking Bacteria To Mass-Produce Spider Silk

Scientists from Washington University in St. Louis have found a new method to genetically alter bacteria and acquire super-strong spider silk. Farming spiders is incredibly inefficient and finding a way to mass-produce the material would bring us a step away from a ready supply of incredibly resilient fabrics. The method could clear the way for the production […]